View from the Boundary!
The Ex- Chairman’s Diary of Oundle Town’s Season


It is very rare that history delivers the ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ scenario. There have been one or two occasions; World War I & World War 2,  (Germany & Britain), Heysel & Hillsborough (Liverpool Football Club), Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor (Divorced) and Douglas Bader (Left leg followed by right leg!)

Oundle Town not only makes history but is a big part of history and lightning has struck twice. Last Season Van Der Merwe smashed records and this year Young Franco looks set to do the same.

Also We have Franco, Spain had Franco. Spain ‘s Franco suppressed strikes in the early 30’s, our Franco tends not to suppress strikes especially in the 30’s, he tends to go on to the 90’s and beyond!

History does tend to repeat itself, let’s hope it continues to do so at Oundle Town.


Franco Marais


It may well be too early in the season to begin thinking about the end of the season, especially with the weather as it is, but what a fantastic start by the Saturday and Sunday 1st XI’s.
He may have seen his beloved Newcastle slide ignominiously from the Premiership, but Cameron Wake has led the 1st XI’s to the pinnacle of both Northants Division 3 and Rutland Division 1 without so much as a by your leave. Ably assisted by ‘Phillippe’ Adams the 100% start in both leagues suggest s that all is set fair for a very successful season. Coupled with the sphincter wrenching destruction of Peterborough Town (With virtually their Sat Northants Premier team) it highlights the remarkable start the Badgers of Oundle have made.

Can the 1st XI finally bring home the Rutland League Title which has so far eluded the Trophy cabinet at Milton Road? 

 Evaluating this particular team against any previous team/squad, for me is easy, this is the best side Oundle has put out in the 15 Years I’ve been associated with this club. Batsmen who score runs at will and regularly, coupled with bowlers who graft for wickets, even against some of the most boring sides I’ve witnessed, show the commitment and the desire this team has.

If I was a betting man I’d put money on the Double. Rutland League Title and Northants 3rd Division Champions.

Haway the Lads!


The most prominent allergy come skin irritation in the cricketing fraternity is as widespread as Herpes Zoster and the Eczema that afflicts younger children.

I refer of course to the annoying Pad Rash. This is usually brought on by a South African influence which seems to have been imported into Britain (and particularly Oundle)over the last couple of years carried by the VDM virus and now a second strain known as the FM factor. This has been prevalent throughout the 1st XI members and now appears to be spreading rapidly into the 2nd XI by a rogue virus of British origins.

I am assuming that the virus is an airborne one, as I believe ( although not yet had it confirmed ) that there has not been any close physical contact between the carriers of this virus. [Any information to the contrary can be relayed, in the strictest confidence to the Dear Trisha page of this blog] Therefore, the new strain which has been narrowed down to the Chambo Outar virus has developed from the original infestation from foreign climes and is dangerous in the extreme!

I have a solution and maybe a cure for the aforementioned affliction.

 The onset of the disease is brought about by a South African voodoo. If you hear the words ‘You are batting at 4’ then there is little hope if any of the strains mentioned are in close proximity to you in the higher order. Extensive research suggests that the only cure is a swift anti-vodoo chant at the skipper of the day which is ‘F*** Off I’m batting at 8’.  This is the instant cure to Pad Rash!



Let it not be said that this tome does not seek out the truth. Please do not look at the Hat trick victims of Dr. Vaseline if you are of a nervous disposition.
Here are the three victims as they appeared at the crease to Mr Smalley.


  X 3

What’s Up Doc Vaseline!

Helmet Buffing Courtesy of 1st XI Captain

Helmet Buffing Courtesy of 1st XI Captain

Wake Junior will be giving all members the chance to learn the art of buffing your own shiny helmet at your leisure. Group rates are available. Two for one offers on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season.



The opening encounters of the new season have seen  the Sunday 1st XI  get of to a 2-0 start with wins, unfortunately the 2nd XI were not quite as  successful with their opening game, losing narrowly to Godmanchester 2nd’s.
The prediction from Swanny at the Telegraph is that the Sat 1st’s will win Division 3 of the Northants League and that the Sun 1st XI will finish top 3 in the Rutland League. Well, well done Swanny. Another piece of incisive journalism. Bearing in mind the Sunday 1sts haven’t been out of the top 3 in the previous three seasons and the Sat 1sts must be odds on in the Northants, it was a bit of a no brainer!
I gather from an inside source at the opener of the Sunday 1sts that Fonzie Cunningham had some pretty adjacent LBW appeals. I hope he managed to appeal for them in his usual understated fashion. He always reminds me of Jack Dee on speed when appealing! What do you think? Enthusiasm… Ummm!
But well done Richie, a quality input in the performance.
I’m hoping to get an in depth interview with the 1st XI captain this year to get a personal view of his charges this year. Let’s hope VdM and Young Franco slot in well.
While we are on the subject, a hearty welcome to Young Franco (Sounds like a film about a Youthful Fascist Dictator).
and I’m pleased to hear he has sampled the delights of England’s Premier Football Stadium and already exposed the contents of his stomach to this fair land. Fair play to the Boer!

Any member of the club who wishes to have articles posted on the blog this season please send them to and I will be glad to post them for you. As this blog is attached to the club some editing is required.

Thank you for your support and have a great season.


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends we’re so glad you could attend come inside, come inside! (Apologies to Emerson,Lake & Palmer)

Let me introduce to you the new Captains of OTCC for 2009

1. Sat 1st XI -& Sun 1st XI

CAMERON WAKE      gtlnca5sa3bqcaiyc0b1cawma9hvcalc36crcadd4jkycarfwltccasl0eoncas995slcaoioy0hcax9dtp8ca6abgnfcavpl1ifca6ifqyacabi7pcjcaw2giuacajpq4zwca75x9weca0q1y7bcazk2eqn

2. Sat 2ndXI

Shaun Smalley        

3. Sat 3rd XI



4. Sun 2nd XI

Chris Hankins                 

5. Vice Captains

Sat & Sun 1st

Phil Adams                  

Sat 2nd 

Nick Costello              

Sun 2nd XI



And there you have it! What a motley crew of reprobates!

Good Luck Boys! You are going to need it!


In the heat of Gladatorial battle you need the spirit of Spartacus and the OTCC  quiz of 2009 proved that cometh the hour cometh the men.

Entering the final round there were two teams vieing for the title, the Glapthorn mob and I AM SPARTACUS! It just needed the combined talents of the OTCC Veterans plus Fonzie and Bomag Phil. What a team!

 Our Inspiration:


Not content with unmarked Police cars snapping happy motorists. The Cambridgeshire Police Force have been busy practising for undercover operations at the up-coming World Conker Championships. One of these characters is a local plod who shall remain nameless, but wields the willow for OTCC on Sundays!

Apparently the sign up poster at the nick said, ‘OFFICER REQUIRED FOR UNDERCOVER DUTIES: Must be able to confidently and carefully feel nuts and then have stamina for a good bang! Uniform and furry accessories supplied!’


When you are a member of OTCC First XI it is a sacrilege if you score a duck in a match. To score more than one is an abomination and to score three or more means a spell doing Community Service! Thank the lord that capital punishment was abolished in the 1960’s! Otherwise the player below would be playing for the Heavenly 1st XI by now. In fact, he would probably be playing down below, but that’s another story!