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Freak Injury or Cunning Plan.

May 25, 2007

It has come to the attention of this publication that the injury sustained by our illustrious head coach at Eaton Socon last weekend may not be the accident that it appears. Our roving reporters have noticed that whenever there is an attractive female member of the club in close proximity the offending injury is unleashed […]

What is Success?

May 23, 2007

What is success? The dictionary definition is, ‘doing or getting what you wanted or intended.’ Did Oundle Town intend to have over 300 members in the club? I actually don’t think so. I remember the days scraping around for a team on a Saturday or Sunday morning and never envisaged the situation we have now […]


May 23, 2007

Man seeking Woman: Short 19 year old would like to meet Barmaid with a view to a liaison. Fetishes include talking in pigeon Africaans and buttering wicks. Candles are an option.  18 Year old ‘A’ Level student would like to meet lady. Under 18 (st) need not apply. Would love to share my Big Mac with you, or […]

Loitering in Tesco’s

May 22, 2007

Our roving reporter has secured yet another exclusive about a small member- of  Oundle Town, who has a penchant for the larger lady! It transpires that the pussy was let out of the bag at the weekend and a Titchy boy has been spending a lot of time loitering around the shelves of Oundle Tescos in […]


May 22, 2007


Voluntary Euthanasia or retire!

May 21, 2007

If you’ve ever seen the film Logan’s Run, you will know that a the age of 30 the life of a being was terminated. I am beginning to believe we should possibly think about a similar scenario for OTCC after this last weekend. I can hardly move owing to a dead calf muscle, Merwe cannot […]

It’s Friday, it’s 5 O’ clock and it’s Poets!

May 18, 2007

Poets day; the holy day of builders, plumbers, boat builders and insurance brokers. The day when after 12.30pm you can’t get hold of one of these for love nor money, as they are already ensconced in some hostelry watching the Test Match and declaring what a hard week they’ve had! Me, I’m sitting here in between teaching […]

Who needs John Kettley!

May 14, 2007

 “John Kettley is a Weatherman, a Weatherman, a Weatherman and so is Michael Fish!” I have been seriously considering giving up teaching recently, and after my forecasting for this week I think I have found a new vocation. Weatherman! Yeah, OK, didn’t need too much skill to predict what would happen weather wise, but I […]

Welcome to the Darkside -My Young Apprentice!

May 14, 2007

This conversation was overheard by our roving reporter on Saturday May5th. Dr Vasoline: Aah, my Young apprentice! The windmill you will play.  You can feel it my young apprentice. Let it out, banish the straightness of the bat! Know the meaning of the Dark side! Padowan Hook: I scored 95 n.o. master. Surely I am now […]

Wet Weekend?

May 12, 2007

  Well here we are again, another weekend of cricket and loads of games scheduled. After last weeks excellent performances and 100’s from Tennyson ‘Elbow’ Botes and Phil ‘The Bomag’ Adams, 95 n.o. from Gareth ‘Captain’ Hook to mention but a few. The form of individuals and teams at OTCC is in good shape. I […]