View from the Boundary!
The Ex- Chairman’s Diary of Oundle Town’s Season

Dear Trisha

Dear Trisha, I have been asked to do some coaching this week and I am having sleepless nights as I am dreading having to coach the front foot drive. Could you tell me what I should do? M.H.

Dear M.H. It’s not the front foot drive you should worry about, it’s what you have to do after you’ve played the shot that you should worry about. It’s then decision time, do I say wait, yes or no. Once you have mastered this then worry about the front foot drive! Trisha.

Dear Trisha, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the size of my helmet, suddenly it doesn’t seem to fit me any more. I wear a helmet at work and that one seems to fit ok. When I get to cricket my helmet seems to shrink in size even though I am sure it is the same size. What can I do? A.B.

Dear A.B. Don’t worry about the size of you helmet. There are smaller things to worry about in your case. Try to relax as you insert. Trisha.


2 Responses to “Dear Trisha”

  1. hi my name is keely peters there is this boy that i use to go out with but he has moved on and we dont talk no more i really want him back but he has got a girlfriend what should i do can you help me please

    • Dear Keely,
      I think you should go and see this boy, tell him how you feel and if he rejects you again, Punch his bloody lights out!

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