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Phoenix from the Ashes!

May 29, 2008

Ten Years ago the illustrious Oundle Town publication the Badger Bulletin recruited an agony aunt and a clairvoyant. This publication has been seeking two new members of the team and we now have a new Agony column known as ‘ASK KIMBERS!’ and a new Doom & Gloom merchant called P.A. Predicts. Keep your eyes peeled […]

Beat this!

May 29, 2008

Sat April 26th 63 v Bowden, Sun April 27th 103 n.o. v Perkins Sat May 3rd 30 v Long Buckby , Sun May 4th No Game Sat May 10th 138 v Podington, Sun May 11th 23 v Wisbech Sat May 17th Abandoned, Sun May 18th No game Sat May 24th 94 n.o.v Rushden, Sun May 25th […]


May 26, 2008

Saturday May 24th was the day OTCC kicked started the season. Prior to the rains of Sunday and Monday it was always going to be an important weekend for the club to set down markers for the Season. The 1st XI have struggled to bowl out sides so far this season; always looking comfortable with […]


May 19, 2008

Apparently Steven Spielberg is hoping to make a sequel in 2009. I have heard that Ross is in the frame for a part, but they are also looking for another Weasley in the next Harry Potter film! No end to this lad’s talent.

Team Selection, policy and expectation!

May 16, 2008

We are now a month into the season and the club has met with mixed success. The Saturday 1sts can’t bowl sides out and consequently keep getting winning draws. The Saturday 2nds have lost a game and the 3rds have lost one and won one. The games that have been lost have been down to(perhaps) […]

Law 41 & Umpires

May 14, 2008

Sunday saw both XI’s pitted against tough opposition. Oundle 1st XI were away at Wisbech. They went armed with passports and vaccinations just in case as it is in the Fens! The 1st XI dispatched Wisbech quite easily. Bowling them out for 189 gave Oundle a good chase. The chase was timed to perfection with […]

Martin, a Mixed Bag and Diddy Davies!

May 12, 2008

It is a well known fact that the Riddler’s goal in life is to create a whole cricket team from the fruit of his loins! Well, if it is not then he’s had a damn good effort at it. This weekend the two youngest Davies boys (and I believe the last, but I wouldn’t swear to […]

May 10th & 11th Weekend

May 8, 2008

All hail to the Town! The first weekend when Oundle Town will attempt to put out 5 Senior League teams over the weekend. It’s a long way from 1994 when I was dragged out of the pub to play against Market Overton at 12.30 on a Sunday! Of that team there are still Justin Jeffrey, Colin […]

Separated at Birth NO 5

May 6, 2008

                                                               Che Guevara                      Paul Campbell  P.C. Campbell definitely ‘A Rebel without a Cause!’ BLOODY TAX DODGING STUDENTS!!!

Breaking News!

May 6, 2008

Our roving reporter has uncovered yet another exclusive for this oracle. Last week at Senior nets one of the elder statesmen of OTCC cricket donned his whites and arrived to show the multitude how it should be done. Is this an attermpt to make a comeback from retirement? You be the judge!   Use the […]