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Police Practice Undercover Operations!

August 28, 2008

Not content with unmarked Police cars snapping happy motorists. The Cambridgeshire Police Force have been busy practising for undercover operations at the up-coming World Conker Championships. One of these characters is a local plod who shall remain nameless, but wields the willow for OTCC on Sundays! Apparently the sign up poster at the nick said, […]

OTCC Community Service (Beware!)

August 28, 2008

When you are a member of OTCC First XI it is a sacrilege if you score a duck in a match. To score more than one is an abomination and to score three or more means a spell doing Community Service! Thank the lord that capital punishment was abolished in the 1960’s! Otherwise the player […]

Ask Kimbers!

August 4, 2008

My sack hath been running over recently and I have had to extract just a small number of the problems experienced within OTCC. Dear Kimbers, I have recently enjoyed the companionship of my team mates on a canny tour to the north-east. I am however a little uneased by the way in which breakfast was delivered […]


August 4, 2008

       VDM                       Lurch The Butler Could Lurch wield the willow like our man! I’ll let you be the judge.