View from the Boundary!
The Ex- Chairman’s Diary of Oundle Town’s Season

Outbreak of New Disease in OTCC!

The most prominent allergy come skin irritation in the cricketing fraternity is as widespread as Herpes Zoster and the Eczema that afflicts younger children.

I refer of course to the annoying Pad Rash. This is usually brought on by a South African influence which seems to have been imported into Britain (and particularly Oundle)over the last couple of years carried by the VDM virus and now a second strain known as the FM factor. This has been prevalent throughout the 1st XI members and now appears to be spreading rapidly into the 2nd XI by a rogue virus of British origins.

I am assuming that the virus is an airborne one, as I believe ( although not yet had it confirmed ) that there has not been any close physical contact between the carriers of this virus. [Any information to the contrary can be relayed, in the strictest confidence to the Dear Trisha page of this blog] Therefore, the new strain which has been narrowed down to the Chambo Outar virus has developed from the original infestation from foreign climes and is dangerous in the extreme!

I have a solution and maybe a cure for the aforementioned affliction.

 The onset of the disease is brought about by a South African voodoo. If you hear the words ‘You are batting at 4’ then there is little hope if any of the strains mentioned are in close proximity to you in the higher order. Extensive research suggests that the only cure is a swift anti-vodoo chant at the skipper of the day which is ‘F*** Off I’m batting at 8’.  This is the instant cure to Pad Rash!



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