View from the Boundary!
The Ex- Chairman’s Diary of Oundle Town’s Season

Smalley’s Victims Uncovered!

Let it not be said that this tome does not seek out the truth. Please do not look at the Hat trick victims of Dr. Vaseline if you are of a nervous disposition.
Here are the three victims as they appeared at the crease to Mr Smalley.


  X 3

What’s Up Doc Vaseline!


One Response to “Smalley’s Victims Uncovered!”

  1. Indeed Kenneth, whilst not having witnessed as many games at Milton Road as usual I am lead to believe that the three unfortunate souls who succumbed to the vaseline coated curve balls hopped to the crease with a carrott between their paws. Only pausing to tie up their black trainers and adjust their Mr Magoo spectacles before failing to take a guard, no doubt thinking how wonderful these special needs day outs in the countryside are. It was also pointed out by one member of the OTCC side that the final victim demonstrated all the finesse at the crease of Susan Boyle. I assume the photograph of victim number 2 was taken at the Skipper whilst hearing the tale recounted for the umpteenth time !

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