View from the Boundary!
The Ex- Chairman’s Diary of Oundle Town’s Season


It is very rare that history delivers the ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ scenario. There have been one or two occasions; World War I & World War 2,  (Germany & Britain), Heysel & Hillsborough (Liverpool Football Club), Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor (Divorced) and Douglas Bader (Left leg followed by right leg!)

Oundle Town not only makes history but is a big part of history and lightning has struck twice. Last Season Van Der Merwe smashed records and this year Young Franco looks set to do the same.

Also We have Franco, Spain had Franco. Spain ‘s Franco suppressed strikes in the early 30’s, our Franco tends not to suppress strikes especially in the 30’s, he tends to go on to the 90’s and beyond!

History does tend to repeat itself, let’s hope it continues to do so at Oundle Town.


Franco Marais


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